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Five Below Wish List

Pulse Tv-wish list

Christmas Wish List

For those uneasy giving cash donations, here is a list of items for the home, for my child, and me and the cats can use if you’d prefer to pick something to send directly to us. Message so we can trade emails. And please keep in mind, we are only asking for help because the ex stopped paying child support and the state hasn’t been in any hurry to find him and enforce the court order.


***tangle pets, cat dog or unicorn***

***cordless phone batteries***


lithium cell battery CR2025
Playstore cards for $20 to replace her Minecraft game on her new tablet grandma is getting her




Paper Towels

Toilet Paper
Cat food and litter
Gain laundry soap

3mg melatonin


My Email Gifted Me With Something to Make Me Smile

No one comprehends how difficult it is to jet even the tiniest joys out of life when you’re being psychologically eviscerated by depression and a less than optimal living situation. Today, however, just by opening some random thing I subscribed to by email (and I don’t even remember why), I was given a smile, a few laughs, and even a little reason to headbang.

Maybe it’s a parent thing (though I watched Pokemon at 6 a.m. back in 1999 when I had no kids, I just thought they were toooo cuuute!) and it didn’t impress my 9 year old cos she likes mellow music, she said ‘it’s too metal’. Is that even a thing? Oh, right, I really freaked her out when I found a death metal version of the country song she likes “Body Like A Back Road.” I thought it made the song more awesome. I’m metal to the core.

Anyway…For those with a playful side to their metal health (c’mon, Pikachu playing guitar and drums, how is that not awesome????)

Pokemon metal theme

And if you like metal, you should also check out Pellek (He’s the only reason I survived my kid’s “Let It Go” Frozen/Elsa years, by making that stupid song fucking metal!) and this guy, who in addition to have AMAZING FUCKING HAIR…he has a metric ton of talent, too.

Long live metal. And longer live those with the creativity and talent to take otherwise blah songs, metal them the fuck up, and make them not suck. 🙂